Uses of Carbon

Carbon that also known as coal is a chemical element that is represented by a symbol C. it is mostly represented by atomic number 6. Carbon is widely distributed in nature however, it is not so much plentiful. Carbon was first discovered by an individual who was the first person to deal with charcoal. The charcoal is burnt. The modern chemistry tends o date the development of coal and other fuels like natural gas as the major fuels that were developed in the 1800s. The element that which carbon exists is in two forms. Each form has different physical properties this can be in terms of the diamond, as well as graphite and they are both crystallines in structure. However, they differ closely in terms of their physical properties’ and this is because the arrangement of the atoms are normally not similar it also has a third form and it is known as the fullerene that consists of a variety of molecule that only consists of carbon.

The diamond that consists the carbon is a poor conductor of electricity. Graphite has a slippery surface and it is both a conductor of electricity as well as heat. The diamond is a very expensive gemstone and it is therefore known to be one of the most expensive metal that you can buy. They are made in making the jewelry. It is also the hardest material that occurs naturally as also an abrasive. Graphite is mainly used as a lubricant. In some experiments, the graphite is known to be used as a black pigment. Graphite is also used as an adsorbent. Graphite is also used as a filler for rubber and when they are mixed with clay, they form the pencil. It is also a good conductor of electricity and hence it does not melt easily. The molecules of fullerene show some promise in different applications. The material is very strong in terms of its material, it also has a very unique electronic and energy storage devices. Fullerene has safe encapsulation of the flammable gases like the hydrogen and also the Q carbon that has a high temperature. It is also harder than the diamond. It can also be used in the manufacturing of diamond structures like diamond films. In addition, elemental carbon is well known to be non-toxic.

Another form of carbon is charcoal. It also has its own particular applications they are all products of the oxidation as well as other methods of the decomposition of organic compounds. Coal and coke are used as major fuels especially when cooking. Charcoal in addition is mostly used as an absorptive and also as a filtering agent. It was also in the past used as a major ingredient in the formation of gun powder. Charcoal has pure carbon. Coal is also used in making paints as well as ink especially in pens that are used in writing. The animal charcoal is well known in the absorption of gases and also used to color other materials

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