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Strattera is used for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Cost of strattera in australia : a cross section, Australian Journal of Public Health, strattera available in australia 16, 10, (1481),. J. S. Kroll, K. D. C. Johnson and E. T. Martin, In-hospital mortality due to acute respiratory failure in an Australian emergency department: a retrospective study of 1997–1998, International Journal Nursing Studies, 31, 2, (121),. K. A. Witte, J. Molles and L. R. Langer, Is the hospital mortality rate in Australia different from other industrialized countries? A review, Australasian Journal of Patient Health, 10, 2, (81),. Fiona A. Hales, Mary K. Smith, James T. Dowsett and David I. Anderson, Emergency department death rate changes over the 40 year period of Australia's ambulance services, International Journal of Patient Safety, 21, 3, (265),. Stephen T. Jones and William S. McVean, Presurgical diagnosis in paediatrics: implications for outcome and follow-up, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 20, 1, (63),. Kathleen Gage, John F. Cairns and Peter DeCarli, Effect of the Emergency Department Oncological Team on Resuscitation Hospital Attendances and Outcomes: A Systematic Review Meta-Analysis, generic online pharmacy uk Journal of Emergency Nursing, 10.1080/00045301.2001.1043065, 30, 1, (6-22),. João José Vaz-Hines and Luís Núñez Gomes, Resuscitation Emergency Department Practice, Annals of Medicine, 17, 1, (1),. Pamela M. Laughlin, David Zolterman and Mark Rifkin, The effect of an elective surgical procedure on the hospital mortality in New Zealand, American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 24, 2, (137),. T.A.W. Schafer, G.M.R. McIvor and C.J.B.M. O'Leary, The impact of an emergency department on the outcome of cardiac arrest, Resuscitation, 30, 1, (47),. Cynthia J. McKeown, An Update on Emergency Department Use Across Australasia, Medicine Clinics of North America, Zyban uk online buy 24, 4, (1219),. Charles Brantley, Alan V. Sarno, John W. Martin and David I. Anderson, The mortality burden of cardiovascular risk factors: A systematic review and meta-analysis, BMC Emergency Medicine, 7, 1,. Joseph M. Mutchler, Susan K. McKeown and Mark Rifkin, A case for the need policy of universal admission for all inpatients to hospital, Journal of Community Health.

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